Turn of the Screw

by Toby Darling

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Collection of remixes of various song written over the last 20 years.

Videos for all songs are available here:


released April 19, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Toby Darling




Toby Darling Winchester, UK

Amateur enthusiast.
Feel free to do anything you want with these tracks, I am not interested in making money from music.

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Track Name: Give Another Turn of the Screw
Give Another Turn To The Screw

Intro: C Em7 Am7 G x4

C Em7 Am7 G
I can see the pleasure
C Em7 Am7 G
You get from hurting yourself
C Em7 Am7 G
And from finding the right choice of words
C Em7 Am7 G
That you know will torture me

Relationships built on sand
With dishonesty holding it together as one
A perfect formula for a wasted life
Where sins flow like the morning rain. So...

Dm F C Dm
Give another turn to the screw
Am G F G
As you put me down again
Am C G Dm
You want me to take more
Am G F G
Turn the screw again and again

You know how weak I am inside
And the guilt that makes me your pawn
You know I haven’t got the strength to run
And the best I can hope for is oblivion


Dm F C G
You’ll learn it aint just me thats counting
Dm F Am
The days till I escape into the grave
C G Dm F
We’re all going to face hell or redemption
C G Am
We’re all going to face our judgement day

Chorus etc
Track Name: Guilty Secrets
Guilty Secrets

Intro: C F Cm7 F Am, C F Cm7 F Am7

C F Cm7 F
We can waltz around the floor
Cm7 F C
Your body close to mine
C F Cm7 F
My skin's thick enough to hide
Cm7 F Am7
The secrets deep inside

F Am7 Cm7
Just don't put your face to mine
Dm7 Am7
And gaze into my soul
F Am7 Cm7
You just might catch a distant light
Dm7 Am7 Em7
And then you'd come to know. My..

Am7 G F
Guilty secrets
Em7 Am7 G F Em7
Shining through my eyes
Am7 G F
My guilty secrets
Em7 Am7 G F Em7
There in my eyes

You can take my jewelled hand
Read the signs on my palm
You'll never catch the hidden words
That lie between the lines

Just don't put your face to mine
And read what's in my mind
You just might catch a fallen star
And only then you'd find. My..


Verse Instrumental

Fine clothes cover many sins
My voice won't give a clue
With the sound of my soft lips
Em7 (instead of Am7)
You'll never need to know. My...

Chorus fade
Track Name: Your Big Heart Broke
Your Big Heart Broke

Intro: Em D Am x 2, Em C G F Em

Am7 Em7 Bb F
Mixed emotions, not knowing what is right,
Am7 Em7 Bm7 Am7
Split devotions, afraid what might happen Em7
If I get it wrong

Afraid to catch, the sadness in your eyes
Easier to believe, it's someone else's life
And I've got to be strong

Bm7 Em7 Bm7 Em7
When you said, that it would work out fine
Bm7 Am7 Em7 Am
I began to worry, this might be the time...

Chorus: Em D Am
Your big heart broke Em D Am
Your big heart broke Em C G
Your big heart broke and I'd be left F Em
To pick up the pieces

Trying to learn, to play like a child,
Do all the things, you never had the time to do
When you were young

Trying to keep, a hold on the past
Failing to make, the mem'ries last
Until the setting sun

When you found, two ends would never meet
The hope ran out, noone could stop the night...

Track Name: Life Goes On
Life Goes On

Intro: Dm Gm Bb C F C Gm C

Dm Gm
Waking everyday,
Bb C
See the light streaming in
Wondering what the morning will bring
Gm C
And what’s the point of anything

Bb C
But if I’m up or down
Makes no difference to the last
Dm Am
Cos the clock just keeps on ticking
Dm G
Like the beating of my heart. And...

Bb C
Life goes on
Bb C
Yeh it just keeps rolling on
Dm G
Like a drunk staggering down the road
Dm C
Where I’m going no one knows
Dm-Am G
Yeh life goes on

Sleeping every night
Feel the peace within the dark
Hoping to attain that nothingness
That comes when ego gives it a rest

But if my dreams are sweet
Makes no difference when I rise
Cos I know I’ll wake to another grey dawn
With the same old memories in my mind

Chorus instr

Eb Bb
Who can plot my path
Cm Gm
With the wind blowing side to side
Eb Bb
Who cares if I fall in a ditch
Gm Am
We all know life can be a bitch

Chorus etc
Track Name: Unlay You
Unlay You

Intro: Em G Am7 Bm7 x4

Em G Am7 Bm7 Em G Am7 Bm7
I guess I know we all make mistakes
Em G Am7 Bm7 Em G Am7 Bm7
Wake up feeling guilty bout the trouble we made
Em G Am7 Bm7 Em G Am7 Bm7
Wish we’d stayed at home stuck to the floor
Em G Am7 Bm7 Em G Am7 Bm7
And not here thinking bout the night before

G Am
And you’re looking me in the face
G Am
Now you’ve had me inside you your holding an ace

Em D
And I wish I could...

C D Em C
Unlay you (yeh take it all back)
C D Em C
Do it all in reverse (get outta the sack)
C D Em C
Unlay you (never do what I did)
C D Em
I’m caught in a trap you got me on the rack

I can’t hold my face around town
Your ererywhere I look I can’t talk this down
Now all my friends know what went on
We’re tied up forever you’ll have me for your own

And I wish I could...


Oh God what a fool I’ve been
G Am
I wanna run away never be seen
And I won’t ever do this again
I’ve had my fun now I’m gonna feel the pain

And I wish I could...

Chorus etc
Track Name: Singing My Heart Out For You
Singing My Heart Out For You

Intro: Dmaj7 Gadd6 x4
Dmaj7 Gadd6
Standing in the rain
C Em7/A
And nothing like Gene Kelly
C Em7
Acting the same kind of fool
I’ve been all these years

Hopelessly romantic
I sometimes wonder if anyone
Feels things as deep as I do
And looks so tragic. I’m...

G Bm7 Am7
Singing my heart out for you
In a voice that’s broken and blue
Em7 Am7
Hoping one day you’ll see as I do I’m
G Bm7 Am7
Singing my heart out for you

The lost causes are the best
They can last you a lifetime
They’ll be your friend on a lonely night
And share your dreams

The more you need something
The more unhappy you’ll be
If you get it in your hand
And you’ve nothing more you’ll need


Verse instrumental

Cmaj7 Am7
So you keep on carrying on
Em7 Am7
Like I’m wasting space in your life
G/E Bm7
Block out your ears
G/E Bm7
Never answer my calls
C G Am7
Tell everyone I’m just that sad guy. Thats...

Chorus etc

I made a guitar quartet using the theme from this song (callled 'For You') which you can download from:

Track Name: Martial Law
Martial Law

Intro: Am7 F*7 Am7 Em7 x4

Am7 F*7 Am7 Em7 Am7 F*7 Am7 Em7
Put on your riot shields get your masks on chaps
Am7 F*7 Am7 Em7 Am7 F*7 Am7 Em7
We're in for some tear gas and some heavy bass


Dm7 Am7 G
I'm in a state of martial law
Dm7 Am7 G
in a life of tyranny
Dm7 Am7 G
I'm in a state of martial law
Dm7 Am7 G
and it's called matrimony


She's on the warpath again, the saucepans are flying low
Democracy's out for the next decade, this time it's martial law


LINK: Bm7 E Bm7 E Bm7 E A

It's only cold shoulder tonight, the curfew's in full force
Anything you do is wrong and subject to the weight of the law

Don't expect a fair trial or your voice to be heard,
Call Amnesty at your peril it'll only get you more bird


LINK: Bm7 E Bm7 E Bm7 E A

Put on your riot shields get your masks on chaps
We're in for some tear gas and some heavy bass

Put on your riot shields get your masks on chaps
We're in for some tear gas and some heavy bass

INTRO instrumental etc
Track Name: Into The Darkness
Into The Darkness

Intro: Am7 Am7* x4

Am7 Am7*
I’m trying to find the light
Amaj7 A#*
To follow that narrow path out of here
Am7 Em7
Stumbling along to find a way
To a better place

I know I shouldn’t have started
From somewhere quite this far
But at least I have a guide
And one day I might get there

C#m7 F#m7
But you chose a different course
Dmaj7 Cmaj7
Your ego told you you were king
Bbmaj7 Am7
Lord Krishna on the battlefield
Gm7 Am7
Slaying your fellows as you charge

Dm Am7
Into the darkness
Gm7 Am7
Where morals have no place
Dm Am7
And you’re no longer part of the human race
A#* Csus4 C Dm Am7 Gm7
Into the darkness


Karma can be a bitch
When all you care about is yourself
And if you can’t see that hurting is wrong
Then I pity you

So climb aboard your chariot
And head off into the night
I’ll move slowly on the other road
And hope I never catch a sight of you going....


Into the darkness
Where the devil wears the crown
And there’s sighs all around
Into the darkness

Chorus inst etc

Am7* = x0403x A#*=x1023x Csus4=x3x56x C=x3x55x
Track Name: The Rustle In The Trees
The Rustle In The Trees

Intro: F7 E* Em Am7 x4 , Am Em-G x 2 [E* = E G D E]

Am Em-G Am Em-G
Nature doesnt lie
Am Em-G Am Em-G
Like the promises from your lips
F7 E* Am7 Dm7
Sometimes I just want to slip
Am Em-G Am Em-G
Into a winter forest at night

Listen to the wind
Fell it brush against my face
Far away from the human race
And the multitiude of sins

G Am7
Hear the rustle of the wind
G Am7
With a full moon shining over me
G Am7
And a memory of a lost peace
F7 E*
In the rustle of the trees

In the depth of the winter
The cold blowing through the night
It won't hurt me like how you tried
To take my dreams away

Just let me rest
In the powder snow
Out here where nobody knows
About how you hurt me so

Chorus instrumental

F7 Am7
I could fall asleep here
F7 E*
And be free for a thousand years
F7 Em
This music's all I want for me
G Am7
The only thing I'll ever need

Chorus etc
Track Name: The Old Highway
The Old Highway

Intro: Dm7 Gm7 x4

Dm7 Gm7 etc
This aint no Bates Motel
Ma’s still kicking strong
But the shadows are growing long
On this side of town

Formica turns to grey
The neon’s lost its shine
Noone’s gonna sip no wine
In the Buddy Holly bar F Dm7
And the old highway Am7
Is gathering moss
Dm7 Bb
Its been awhile since anyone crossed F C
The old highway

I’m waiting for that senorita
Who’s car’s spitting steam
Who’ll give me a look that’s lean
And stay the night

I’ll fry up some steaks
Put new candles on the sills
Play music from the hills
And wear my Sunday school smile

And the old highway
Will sing again
Here’s a place to hide from the rain
On the old highway

Verse instrumental

Bb Dm7
There’s a chill in the air
Gm7 Dm7
And the wind’s blowing hard
F Dm7
The till is empty Am7
Like my backroad heart

And the old highway
Aged another year
There aint no jamboree here
On the old highway
Yeh the old highway
Is closed for the night
And the brushwood sails like a kite
On the old highway
Track Name: Just Like in the Movies
Just Like In the Movies

Into: Am/Am7/A9

Am Em
We can smile
Sit together mile after mile
Em Am
Hold each other's hands
G Fmaj7
And act it out in impeccable style

We can kiss
Share cigarettes in a state of bliss
Pretend its real
But we know that all of this...Is not

Chorus A: Am Em G Bb
Like in the movies
Dm Am Bb C
You're no Hepburn I'm no Cary Grant
F Am
We're a couple of extras without a part
This play won't end and it sure didn't start Am Em Fmaj7
Just like in the movies

The suit don't fit
And your dress has a hole in it
I've got a cough
And you slouch when you sit. It's not

Chorus B:
Like in the movies
We never would have made the cut
This is muskrat love with a couple of muts
Two wheels stuck in a rut
Just like in the movies

Verse instrumental

Eb Bb
So I'll guess we'll wind up in bed
I'll probably snore and you'll have a sore head
Eb Bb
Hey let's go and and rent a flick
Gm7 F
I'll buy the popcorn and you get some drinks

Chorus A
Chorus instrumental
Track Name: Strait Is The Gate
Strait Is the Gate

Intro: Verse instr

Gm Bb
I travelled far and wide
D Gm
Seeking anything to feed my desires
Bb Dm
Cunning and secret all the things I’d hide
Gm Dm
And courage built in backstreet bars

Am Am
But the truth always finds a way
Of getting itself out
Bb Eb
And our lives become an open book
G# Cm F Cm Bb F
Our sins are there for all who look. And..

Cm Bb
Strait is the gate
Dm Gm
That leads us out of here
Gm Bb Eb Bb
Narrow is the path that can take away our fears
F Eb Bb
Strait is the gate to heaven

I wish I could go right back
With everything I learnt with age
Undo the pain and retrace the track
To the innocence of my early days

But time only lets me go ahead
Trying to make amends where I can
Helping others, never yielding to my greed
Treading softly as each footstep leads. And...


Verse & link instr


Eb Bb
I guess I ruined the temple of my soul
F Gm
And treated my body like a worthless tool
Cm Eb
I gotta hope I can make things right
Come out of the darkness and into the light

Chorus etc
Track Name: Wasted All My Love on You
Wasted All My Love On You

Intro: Am - G - Dm7 - Em x3 Dm7 Em7
Am G
Miles from sleep
Dm7 Em Am G Dm7 Em
On a stormy sea of my emotions
Am G
Looking for a distant shore
Dm7 Em Am G Dm7 Em
Somewhere there'll be no more sad memories

Remembering a game
Where I bet all I own, for a life
Staked my lonely soul
For a chance to be told you'd stay. And I

Dm7 Em
Wasted all my love on you
Dm7 Em
Cried a lifetime's tears for you
Dm7 Em
Wore my heart out wanting you
Am G Dm7 Em
Yeh I wasted all my love on you

You weren't that kind
Makes a promise for all time
You went with the rain
Won't cross the same ground again. And I...

Verse instrumental

Dm7 Em7
I'm left looking at the past
Am G Dm7 Em
Tired of thinking that's the last time I'll try
Dm7 Em7
Save my breath for a final sigh
Am G Dm7 Em Am G Dm7 Em
And a year wondering why I could be so wrong. Be So Wrong And I...

Chorus x2
Verse instrumental