Edward Thomas 2

by Toby Darling

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More poems by Edward Thomas which I have set to music over the last year.

I have made videos for all of these settings which can be found at:


released April 21, 2016

All poems by Edward Thomas
All music comnposed and recorded by Toby Darling.




Toby Darling Winchester, UK

Amateur enthusiast.
Feel free to do anything you want with these tracks, I am not interested in making money from music.

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Track Name: How At Once
How at once (Edward Thomas)

E1 Emaj7
How at once should I know,
E2 E/A
When stretched in the harvest blue
B F#m
I saw the swift's black bow,
That I would not have that view
Another day
Until next May
Again it is due?

The same year after year -
But with the swift alone.
With other things I but fear
That they will be over and done
And I only see
Them to know them gone.

E1: x0799x
Emaj7: x0244x
E2: 0x245x
E/A: x0245x
B: x2444x
F#m: 244222
C#m7: x46454
Track Name: Lights Out
Lights Out
G6 F6/D
I have come to the borders of sleep,
Fmaj7 Am7
The unfathomable deep
Gm Am Dm
Forest where all must lose
G6 F6/D
Their way, however straight,
Fmaj7 Am7
Or winding, soon or late;
Gm Am Dm
They cannot choose.

Bb C
Many a road and track
Dm G
That, since the dawn’s first crack,
Eb Bb C
Up to the forest brink,
Bb C
Deceived the travellers,
Dm G
Suddenly now blurs,
Eb Bb C
And in they sink.

Here love ends,
Despair, ambition ends;
All pleasure and all trouble,
Although most sweet or bitter,
Here ends in sleep that is sweeter
Than tasks most noble.

There is not any book
Or face of dearest look
That I would not turn from now
To go into the unknown
I must enter, and leave, alone,
I know not how.

Eb Bb
The tall forest towers;
Eb Bb
Its cloudy foliage lowers
Cm Dm Gm
Ahead, shelf above shelf;
Eb Bb
Its silence I hear and obey
Eb Bb
That I may lose my way
Cm Dm Gm
And myself.

G6 = xx0757
F6/D = xx0535
Fmaj7 = xx3210
Track Name: The Sun Used to Shine
The Sun Used to Shine

Dmaj 7 Em
The sun used to shine while we two walked
F#m G
Slowly together, paused and started
D Am7
Again, and sometimes mused, sometimes talked
As either pleased, and cheerfully parted

Each night. We never disagreed
Which gate to rest on. The to be
And the late past we gave small heed.
We turned from men or poetry

C#m7 F#m
To rumours of the war remote
C#m7 F#m
Only till both stood disinclined
B F#m
For aught but the yellow flavorous coat
Of an apple wasps had undermined;

Or a sentry of dark betonies,
The stateliest of small flowers on earth,
At the forest verge; or crocuses
Pale purple as if they had their birth

In sunless Hades fields. The war
Came back to mind with the moonrise
Which soldiers in the east afar
Beheld then. Nevertheless, our eyes

Could as well imagine the Crusades
Or Caesar's battles. Everything
To faintness like those rumours fade—
Like the brook's water glittering

D A Bm7 C#m7
Under the moonlight—like those walks
Now—like us two that took them, and
Bm7 C#m7 A
The fallen apples, all the talks
Em7 G
And silence—like memory's sand

When the tide covers it late or soon,
And other men through other flowers
In those fields under the same moon
Go talking and have easy hours.
Track Name: I Never Saw That Land Before
I Never Saw that Land Before
G/D G/C#
I never saw that land before,
G/C Am9
And now can never see it again;
Em G/D G/C#
Yet, as if by acquaintance hoar
G/C Am9
Endeared, by gladness and by pain,
Em B7
Great was the affection that I bore

To the valley and the river small,
The cattle, the grass, the bare ash trees,
The chickens from the farmsteads, all
Elm-hidden, and the tributaries
Descending at equal interval;

Em Bm7
The blackthorns down along the brook
C Em
With wounds yellow as crocuses
Em G/D
Where yesterday the labourer’s hook
G/C# C
Had sliced them cleanly; and the breeze
G Am7 B7
That hinted all and nothing spoke.

I neither expected anything
Nor yet remembered: but some goal
I touched then; and if I could sing
What would not even whisper my soul
As I went on my journeying,

I should use, as the trees and birds did,
A language not to be betrayed;
And what was hid should still be hid
Excepting from those like me made
Who answer when such whispers bid.

G/C# = x4540x
Am9 = X0750x
Track Name: Cock-Crow
By Edward Thomas

Out of the wood of thoughts that grows by night
Bm F#m Bm
To be cut down by the sharp axe of light,—
Out of the night, two cocks together crow,
Bm F#m G
Cleaving the darkness with a silver blow:
Em Bm Em Bm
And bright before my eyes twin trumpeters stand,
F#m Bm F#m Bm
Heralds of splendour, one at either hand,
Each facing each as in a coat of arms:
Bm F#m G
The milkers lace their boots up at the farms.

[D/E = xx2032]
Track Name: Out in the Dark
Out in the Dark
by Edward Thomas
Intro: Am G x 4
Am G F C
Out in the dark over the snow
F C G Am
The fallow fawns invisible go
Am C Dm
With the fallow doe ;
Am C Dm
And the winds blow
F C G Am
Fast as the stars are slow.

Stealthily the dark haunts round
And, when the lamp goes, without sound
At a swifter bound
Than the swiftest hound,
Arrives, and all else is drowned ;

Bb Am Gm F
And star and I and wind and deer,
Bb Am Dm Am
Are in the dark together, - near,
Dm Am
Yet far, - and fear
Dm C
Drums on my ear
Dm G A7
In that sage company drear.

How weak and little is the light,
All the universe of sight,
Love and delight,
Before the might,
If you love it not, of night.
Track Name: Noone So Much as You
No One So Much As You (Edward Thomas)

Am C
No one so much as you
Am F
Loves this my clay,
Or would lament as you
Its dying day.

You know me through and through
F Am
Though I have not told,
And though with what you know
You are not bold.

Dm Am
None ever was so fair
As I thought you:
Dm Am
Not a word can I bear
G Am
Spoken against you.

All that I ever did
For you seemed coarse
Compared with what I hid
Nor put in force.

My eyes scarce dare meet you
Lest they should prove
I but respond to you
And do not love.

We look and understand,
We cannot speak
Except in trifles and
Words the most weak.

For I at most accept
Your love, regretting
That is all: I have kept
Only a fretting

That I could not return
All that you gave
And could not ever burn
With the love you have,

Till sometimes it did seem
Better it were
Never to see you more
Than linger here

Dm Am
With only gratitude
C Am
Instead of love –
G Am
A pine in solitude
G Am
Cradling a dove.
Track Name: Interval
Interval - Poem by Edward Thomas
Bm F#m
Gone the wild day:
A wilder night
Bm F#m
Coming makes way
For brief twilight.

Where the firm soaked road
Mounts and is lost
Bm F#m
In the high beech-wood
It shines almost.

Am G
The beeches keep
A stormy rest,
Am Em
Breathing deep
Am D
Of wind from the west.

The wood is black,
Am Em
With a misty steam.
Am D
Above, the cloud pack
Breaks for one gleam.

But the woodman's cot
By the ivied trees
Awakens not
To light or breeze.

It smokes aloft
It hunches soft
Under storm's wing.

It has no care
For gleam or gloom:
It stays there
While I shall roam,

Die, and forget
The hill of trees,
The gleam, the wet,
This roaring peace.
Track Name: Liberty
The last light has gone out of the world, except Gm Dm
This moonlight lying on the grass like frost
C Dm
Beyond the brink of the tall elm’s shadow.
It is as if everything else had slept
Many an age, unforgotten and lost –

The men that were, the things done, long ago, Gm Dm
All I have thought; and but the moon and I
C Dm

Live yet and here stand idle over a grave

Where all is buried. Both have liberty Dm
To dream what we could do if we were free
To do some thing we had desired long, Dm
The moon and I. There’s none less free than who Gm Dm
Does nothing and has nothing else to do,
C Dm
Being free only for what is not to his mind,
And nothing is to his mind. If every hour
Like this one passing that I have spent among
The wiser others when I have forgot
To wonder whether I was free or not,
Were piled before me, and not lost behind,
And I could take and carry them away
Bb C
I should be rich; or if I had the power
To wipe out every one and not again
Bb C Dm
Regret, I should be rich to be so poor.
And yet I still am half in love with pain,
With what is imperfect, with both tears and mirth,
With things that have an end, with life and earth,
And this moon that leaves me dark within the door.
Edward Thomas
Track Name: House and Man
House and Man
A* D*
One hour: as dim he and his house now look
Am Gm7
As a reflection in a rippling brook,
Bb Eb
While I remember him; but first, his house.
Dm7 C
Empty it sounded. It was dark with forest boughs
A* D*
That brushed the walls and made the mossy tiles
Am Gm7
Part of the squirrels’ track. In all those miles
Bb Eb
Of forest silence and forest murmur, only
Dm7 C
One house—“Lonely!” he said, “I wish it were lonely”—
Gm7 C Gm7
Which the trees looked upon from every side,
Bb Eb Dm7
And that was his. He waved good-bye to hide
Gm7 Dm7
A sigh that he converted to a laugh.
C Eb Bb
He seemed to hang rather than stand there, half

A* D*
Ghost-like, half like a beggar’s rag, clean wrung
Am Gm7
And useless on the brier where it has hung
Bb Eb
Long years a-washing by sun and wind and rain.

Dm7 C
But why I call back man and house again
Gm7 C Gm7
Is that now on a beech-tree’s tip I see
Bb Eb Dm7
As then I saw—I at the gate, and he
Gm7 Dm7
In the house darkness,—a magpie veering about,
C Eb Bb
A magpie like a weathercock in doubt.

A* = x0567x
D* = xx0330#
Am = x0x210
Track Name: The Trumpet
The Trumpet
Rise up, rise up,
C#m F#m
And, as the trumpet blowing
A Bm
Chases the dreams of men,
E C#7
As the dawn glowing
The stars that left unlit
F#m Bm
The land and water,
C#m F#m
Rise up and scatter
C#m B
The dew that covers
F#m D C#m
The print of last night’s lovers—
Bm C#m
Scatter it, scatter it!

While you are listening
To the clear horn,
Forget, men, everything
On this earth newborn,
Except that it is lovelier
Than any mysteries.
Open your eyes to the air
That has washed the eyes of the stars
Through all the dewy night:
Up with the light,
To the old wars;
Arise, arise!
Track Name: The Brook
The Brook
By Edward Thomas
E Bm A E
Seated once by a brook, watching a child
E Bm A C#7
Chiefly that paddled, I was thus beguiled.
D E F#m Bm
Mellow the blackbird sang and sharp the thrush
F#m Bm A C#7
Not far off in the oak and hazel brush,

Unseen. There was a scent like honeycomb
From mugwort dull. And down upon the dome
Of the stone the cart-horse kicks against so oft
A butterfly alighted. From aloft

D E F#m Bm
He took the heat of the sun, and from below.
F#m Bm F#m Bm
On the hot stone he perched contented so,
D E F#m Bm
As if never a cart would pass again
C#m F#m C#m F#m
That way; as if I were the last of men

And he the first of insects to have earth
And sun together and to know their worth.
I was divided between him and the gleam,
The motion, and the voices, of the stream,

The waters running frizzled over gravel,
That never vanish and for ever travel.
A grey flycatcher silent on a fence
And I sat as if we had been there since

E D C#m D
The horseman and the horse lying beneath
A Bm C#m D
The fir-tree-covered barrow on the heath,
E D C#m D
The horseman and the horse with silver shoes,
A Bm C#m Bm
Galloped the downs last. All that I could lose

D A C#m D
I lost. And then the child’s voice raised the dead.
E D A C#m
“No one’s been here before” was what she said
D A Bm E
And what I felt, yet never should have found
F#m Bm F#m C#7
A word for, while I gathered sight and sound.

Source: Last Poems (1918)
Track Name: A Private
A Private
By Edward Thomas

A F Am
This ploughman dead in battle slept out of doors
Many a frosty night, and merrily
Dm Am
Answered staid drinkers, good bedmen, and all bores:
A F Am
'At Mrs Greenland's Hawthorn Bush,' said he,
G Em Am
'I slept.' None knew which bush. Above the town,
A F Am
Beyond 'The Drover', a hundred spot the down
In Wiltshire. And where now at last he sleeps
G Am
More sound in France—that, too, he secret keeps.
Track Name: “No one cares less than I” [Bugle Call]
“No one cares less than I” [Bugle Call]
By Edward Thomas

Em Bm Em Bm
“No one cares less than I,
Em Bm Em Bm
Nobody knows but God,
Whether I am destined to lie
G Em
Under a foreign clod,”
C#m B C#m B F#m
Were the words I made to the bugle call in the morning.

But laughing, storming, scorning,
Only the bugles know
What the bugles say in the morning,
And they do not care, when they blow
The call that I heard and made words to early this morning.
Track Name: The Thrush
The Thrush
By Edward Thomas

Em Bm
When Winter's ahead,
Am D Em Bm Am Bm
What can you read in November
Em Bm
That you read in April
Am D Em Bm Am Bm
When Winter's dead?

I hear the thrush, and I see
Him alone at the end of the lane
Near the bare poplar's tip,
Singing continuously.

Is it more that you know
Em D
Than that, even as in April,
C#m Em
So in November,
Winter is gone that must go?

Or is all your lore
Not to call November November,
And April April,
And Winter Winter—no more?

But I know the months all,
And their sweet names, April,
May and June and October,
As you call and call

I must remember
What died into April
And consider what will be born
Of a fair November;

And April I love for what
G Em
It was born of, and November
For what it will die in,
What they are and what they are not,

While you love what is kind,
What you can sing in
And love and forget in
All that's ahead and behind.